Who is eligible:
Any woman is eligible for DAR membership who is eighteen years of age or older and can prove her descent from a Revolutionary Patriot.

Your Patriot Ancestor:
Your ancestor is considered to be a Patriot if it can be demonstrated that he or she showed unfailing loyalty to the cause of American Independence, served as a sailor, soldier, or civil officer in one of the Colonies or States, as a Recognized Patriot, or rendered material aid.

Proving your lineage:
You will need to show documentation that proves your lineage back through the generations to your Patriot ancestor.

Acceptable Service:

Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Military Service in the Revolution begins, with few exceptions on 19 April 1775 (the Battle of Lexington) and ends on 26 November, 1783 when the British troops withdrew from New York. DAR recognizes participation in:

  • Army and Navy of the Continental Establishment
  • State Brigades and local militia
  • State Navies and Coast Guard
  • Day of Battle of Point Pleasant, 10 October 1774

Civil Service in the new American States occurred only when the Royal Governor was removed from power and a form of statewide government was established. Civil service may include:

  • State Officials
  • County and town officers
  • Justices of the Peace and Judges of the Courts, jurors

Patriotic Service might begin as early as April 1774 when news of the Boston Port Bill reached the colonies. DAR recognizes, for this early period, membership in:

  • Committees of Inspection, Correspondence and Safety
  • Continental Congress, State Conventions and Assemblies
  • Signers of Oath of Fidelity and Support, Oath of   Allegiance
  • Those who rendered material aid, such as supplies with or without remuneration, lending money to the Colonies, munitions makers, etc.
  • Doctors, nurses and others who rendered aid to the wounded
  • Clergy who gave patriotic sermons and encouraged patriotic activity
  • Membership in committees made necessary by the War, including service that furthered the cause of the Colonies from April 1774, such as Committees of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety
  • Committees to care for soldier’s families, etc.
  • Members of the Continental Congress, State Conventions and Assemblies
  • Signers of the Declaration of Independence
  • Members of the Boston Tea Party
  • Defenders of Forts and Frontiers, and signers of petitions addressed to and recognizing the authority of the Provisional and New State Governments
  • Those who furnished a substitute for military service
  • Prisoners of war or refugees from occupying forces
  • Prisoners on the British ship Old Jersey, or other prison ships
  • Service in the Spanish Troops under Galvez or the Louisiana Militia after 24 December 1776

If you are not sure your ancestor’s service qualifies you for membership, please contact the Rockford Chapter and request a lookup for your ancestor in the DAR Patriot Index or you may search the DAR Patriot Index at the Main Rockford Public Library located at 215 N. Wyman St.

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